Smart TV Christmas is Coming

The Smart TV Christmas is Coming

TV is not dead, it's simply reinventing itself


They have the internet on computers now, as Homer Simpson once observed… If you really wanted to blow Homer’s mind you could tell him that they have the internet on television now, too. And they have television on the internet… which you can then watch on television if you choose.

The TV industry is going through a massive distribution and content revolution and this will have a knock on effects for brands.

A number of commentators speak about TV being dead, it is not, it is simply reinventing itself. We will no longer need to refer to the box in the room as a TV, it is a smart screen which combines technology you currently refer to as a personal computer, television and the internet.

This represents a massive opportunity for brands who figure out how to best leverage this new innovation and really maximise the potential of 2 screen interactions.

I believe that there will be a surge in demand for Smart TV’s which will begin this Christmas and explode by Christmas 2013, similar to how smart phones took over the market.

The bottom line is people don’t hate all ads, they just hate bad advertising.
— Dick Glover, CEO of Funny or Die

For brand owners this has knock effects as to how people will interact with your messaging. You will need to move from being an ‘advertiser‘ to a ‘useful content provider‘ who provides contextual based content relevant to who the user is and what the user is watching, reading or searching for. This means using and analysing real time data as this is the ‘new oil’.

You’ll need to consider how to use real time data to make your messaging more targeted and relevant to the audience that are receiving it. There is no shortage of this information, so for brand owners out there you’ll need to learn how to use this data to find insights into your customer base (or you can let us do it for you, shameless plug I know).

(Homer Simpson reference courtesy of the Irish Times)